Thursday, May 7, 2009

Airlines.... AHHHHHH!!!!!

We have been so excited because my sister Sarah is coming to visit.  She bought her ticket a long time ago because she found such a good rate.  This morning she arrived at the airport in plenty of time and stood in a long line to check her bag.  When she got to the counter they told her she missed the cut off time to check bags (45 minutes) by 2 minutes and they would have to re - ticket her.  Now she is arriving at 9:40 tonight instead of 11:55 am.  She has been up since 6 and has been waiting in the Phoenix airport for almost 5 hours now.   Poor thing.   I should probably have a drink ready for her!


joy said...

Poor Sarah. That bites. And, that is so hilarious that Ben was chewing gum. he's such a smart dog.

Tracey said...

Have a great time with Sarah! Also, hope your dad is doing well this week with the chemo. Took me a while to catch up with your blog after my long trip away from home with my family, but looks like you've had some fun lately. Thanks for the notes about dad. Talk soon! Love, T~

Tracey said...

I should say... thanks for the notes you sent about my dad. :-)