Friday, May 1, 2009

Rachel and Jack

Jack was feeling a bit slighted by not being included in my blog photo.   So, I am now switching it to give him some web time.   After a very, very, very busy and tiring week I am so excited to have a few days to chill out.  Julia is performing in a play tonight and tomorrow and Jack has Junior lifeguard try outs on Sunday.  Tonight we are celebrating Suzanne's niece Rachel's 21st birthday!  She has been such a delight to have living next door to us.  She is the best Ben keeper and always fun to hang out with.  She makes me feel young even though I am sure she thinks of me as an old lady.  She has the most beautiful skin of anyone I have ever seen..... in fact she should be a dermatologist so everyone will think that what she does works really well!  I hope this year is full of excitement and many memory making opportunities for her.  Happy B-day Rach!

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joy said...

Cute picture of Rachel and she does have the most gorgeous skin.