Saturday, May 9, 2009

The funniest story!

Sarah told us this story that I can't believe happened but she swears it is true.  

Sarah volunteers at the Museum of Natural History in Denver.  She absolutely loves bugs and she works in that department.  She preserves them etc. and she has amazing art work that displays her own version of bugs.  One day she was walking outside of the Museum with her official badge on and happened to see this sweet little family of a mother and her 3 children.  Suddenly this very large Katydid (approx 3 inches long) landed on the mothers face.  She started screaming and screaming.  Sarah immediately went into action (her heroic nature taking over) and ran to the the woman yelling "don't worry!  I'm an entomologist!".  Sarah gently removed the insect from the woman's face as one of her children said "what's an entomologist?".  One of the other kids said "that means she likes bugs".

So if you are ever in a bug emergency you know who to call.  We were all laughing our heads off and I think Julia thought that was the most amazing story ever.  Surely she will one day hope to achieve this super hero status herself.

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