Monday, May 25, 2009


Isn't it interesting how the one thing every single human needs, wants and is searching for is love and the one thing God gives us is unconditional love.  Why then are we not all completely happy and full of faith?  Why is it we keep searching and keep striving for that "extra" thing that is out there.  Why are we not satisfied.  Why must we need and want more.  Why is it that even those who have everything - including all of the love they could ever want - are still looking for more.  There must be a reason.  All I can figure is that we will find it in heaven.  God must want us to need more so we don't cling to this life and look forward to the next.  There must be something there that will satisfy us for eternity.

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joy said...

I think that is so true--if we could be totally fulfilled on this earth what's the point of longing for Heaven?
Good food for thought.