Monday, May 10, 2010


I think this should be a 4 letter word. Really, why do we need it. It just gets in there and messes everything up. For most of us I think it is very hard to live without. It takes effort. That is where faith comes in. I think it is easy to live without doubt if you have faith. Without faith, I think you are left to your own devices and unless you think you are the best thing since sliced bread you are going to doubt - your choices, your achievements, your abilities.

I am so grateful to have faith. Without God I would be a disaster. I would be doubting everything - questioning everything. If I thought I had to fight this cancer on my own I would always wonder if I was strong enough to do it. Instead, I KNOW it is in God's hands - I also KNOW that He will take incredible care of me. I have no doubt that there are a whole bunch of poor dead cancer cells in my body that will soon be on some pathologist table wishing they hadn't messed with me and my posse.


joven said...

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marguerita said...

I share your thoughts on faith. Life indeed would be hard if God wasn't there to take us by the hand. God bless

Anonymous said...

God is cool. I especially like it when he gives you cancer and asks him to thank you for it. Actually, I like it more when he gives cancer to little children so their parents can watch them die and say, wow, thank god that just happened, what would we do without him?