Friday, May 21, 2010


You may have figured out that I am not a big history buff (yawn) - I am more of a here and now kind of person. That being said, last night we went to Julia's open house at school and the kids had a "wax museum". They all picked someone important from history to research and do a speech on. Last night they all dressed up in character and if you went up to them they came to life and did their speech. It was quite fun to see who everyone picked. They had Rosa Parks, George Washington, Milton Hershey etc. Julia picked Madam Curie. She really got into it and loved pretending to be a scientist. It reminded me that without many of these important historical people we would not be where we are today. I think we need to remember these amazing people and learn from them. Teach our children how to overcome adversity - to thrive and conquer their dreams. Way to go third grade class!


joy said...

look how cute your kids are! love that julia was so excited. if you attended our school, you'd change your mind about history. i have!

Sally said...

So cute! I love the costume - she really looks the part! I'm sure it was great!!! I'm going to a poetry reading tonight at the girls' school. Maybe I'll change my mind about poetry... probably not. ;-)