Sunday, November 2, 2008

All Souls Day

Today we woke up quite early because of day light savings to a valley full of fog.  The kids enjoyed the new Tinkerbell movie, while John took Ben for a walk and I enjoyed my new Mac and a cup of coffee.

Today is also All Souls Day.  I was sitting in church reflecting on all of the people I know who have died and wondering how incredibly large heaven must be.  It also confirmed for me once again that God works in ways we least expect it.  You see, a very dear friend of mine took me out to lunch for my birthday last week.  While we were enjoying the beautiful fall day he presented me with a gift.  As I started to open this gift he began to tell me the story behind it.  I could see the emotion as he told me how this gift had belonged to his dear Grandmother.  His Grandmother had very recently passed away and was an anchor of strength and wisdom in his life.  I stopped opening the gift.  Surely I was not suppose to receive such a treasure that had belonged to someone I had never met and clearly meant so much to him.   He reassured me that yes, he wanted me to have it so  I continued to open it.  Inside was a beautiful cross.   My friend knows how much my faith means to me and knew I would appreciate it.  I left feeling thankful but still very unworthy.  It did not become clear until today, while I was kneeling in Saint Patrick's church that God most clearly was working through my friend.   As I sat there I thought of his Grandmother and how incredible happy she must be sitting in heaven, her faith confirmed after so many years and here I was, a fairly new catholic, carrying on in the same way she had.  The two of us linked only by this cross and our faith.   I hope after  I am gone perhaps one of my children will pass this cross onto someone else.  Someone who never knew me.  Someone who finds comfort in the hands of God.   Until then I will proudly wear this cross in honor of an amazing woman and do my best to be the kind of example that she was to my dear friend.     Thank you God for my dear friend Stephen.  Thank you Stephen for sharing your Grandmother with me, for giving me a piece of your heart and for bringing me closer to my dear friend God.

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joy said...

Oh, Kristin--that is so beautiful. What beautiful sentiments and how true. That is one of the many things I enjoy about being in God's family--that sense of familiar and relationship that can exist between people who have never met. I'm sure Stephen's grandmother is smiling in heaven. Thank you for sharing.