Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today is the first day of Advent.  A four week preparation for Christmas.  A time to quiet the soul and clear the mind.  A time to stop and realize what this season truly means.  A time to celebrate a faith that has lasted over two thousand years.  It is not about gifts.  It is not about Santa. It IS about faith....hope....peace..... and mostly LOVE.   Let us try and love each other even more than usual this Christmas season.  Love the slow person in front of you at the grocery store.  Love the person cutting you off on the freeway.  Love the neighbor you forget lives only a few houses away. Let's take time to work harder at loving.   Our world needs us to.


joy said...

amen, sista! and you accuse me of being superficial for only a moment?! sheesh! how come everyone can't be as easy to love as you?

trulyjulie said...

do you think I'm easy to love??? ; )