Monday, December 1, 2008

Gas and Annie

So Adele happened to be at the American Girl store and entered her name in a contest.  The exciting news is that she won!  What did she win you ask?  Well she received a letter in the mail saying that her child (or grandchild) has been selected as one of 50 children to audition for a walk on roll in Annie.    So, this weekend Julia and I are spending 7 hours in the car to get down to the Kodak theater for the audition and back in one day.  Next weekend they will announce the winner.  Julia is now sitting on the couch watching Annie for the first of maybe 25 times this week.  Wish her luck!  She is very excited!


trulyjulie said...

that is totally cool!!!!!

joy said...

go, julia! that is so exciting! do you leave on sunday?