Friday, December 19, 2008


Isn't it amazing how far we have come in such a short time?  We have planes that basically fly themselves, satellites that can see ants on the sidewalk, we can talk through a wireless earpiece free through the computer to someone halfway around the world......don't you think by now we would have invented a flippin' better hair removal system?  How hard can it be?  All of that time spent shaving .... imagine what we could be doing with it.  Sure I could pour hot wax on my legs and then rip the hair out - that sounds like a better option - NOT!   I could spend $2000 - $4000 to have a laser do it.  If I have that kind of cash hangin around I think I would find something better to do with it.  We have the military power to destroy nations - why can't we find an easy and inexpensive way to destroy hair follicles?  Maybe I should march to Washington and petition that we reallocate some funds to this cause.  I bet more than a few women would get behind me on this one.


joy said...

amen! maybe the research money allocated for studying the effects of smoking could be redirected. sheesh! we know smoking is bad--for everyone. so quit studying it!

joy said...

men too. (cade)