Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I have decided to try and increase my vocabulary - so sorry you have to suffer through it.  I am going to try and use a new word every week (I don't think I can handle one every day) so join in the fun and try and stump your friends.  I don't think it really counts unless you know how to use it and use it well!  Here are a couple to get you started!

My son came home last night and told me I was a lot like his teacher.  I asked him why and he told me "because she likes to talk a LOT! " I guess that would make me a confabulist, someone who loves to chat.  Of course I tend to maunder or ramble on quite a bit.

Go have fun with words!


joy said...

ha ha. i don't know why, but this is funny. you don't maunder!

Sally said...

This is just the bomb! I'm working on my vocabulary too. Fo' shizzle! You and your peeps must just be cheesin' about Christmas. It's almost here.

TTFN, Homie!

Kristin said...

Uhhhhh - I think your idea of vocab it a bit different;)