Sunday, December 7, 2008

Great day

Unfortunately my camera ran out of juice so I don't have documentation of the events of the day - waaaaaa!  We started this morning at the Kodak theater and Julia had a 2 minute audition.  I think she did very well but who knows what they are looking for.  She had to go before a panel of judges and answer questions by herself.   We will find out next week.  We then walked around Hollywood and had breakfast at Mel's diner - yum!

Then we went to visit my sister Jennifer at the hospital.  She looked much better than I expected and was feeling pretty good today.   They expect to release her in a few days.  It was nice to see her and the kids were really excited to see and talk to her too. 

On the way home the boys were going to go surfing but the surf was not that good so we just sat on the beach and watched the waves for a bit.

We stopped at a Mexican market for dinner and had some really good soup ( we were missing Mexico).  And that was that - back home now and ready for another week.  Hope your weekend was great! 

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joy said...

can't wait to hear what julia thought about everything. sounds like a nice day!