Friday, December 5, 2008


I realized today that I am very thankful that I do not have to relive my childhood.  I had forgotten the stresses of the social ladder that consume your thoughts when you are young.  I guess you still have a bit of that as an adult but people are much nicer.  I hear the things that children say to my children when they come home crying and it makes me sick.  My heart physically aches for them - and still at 39 I am at a loss as to what to tell my children.  I wish I had a way of fixing it for them. I wish I had a magic answer but the plain truth is that kids are mean.  Really mean.  Why is that?  What makes them act that way?  The temptation to be bad must overwhelm them and  they want to test it out and see what happens.  All to often I think it goes unnoticed and so they have to do something even worse.  I guess this is the heartache that parents must endure as they watch their children grow up.   It makes you feel pretty lousy as a parent - wondering if maybe you could have done something different in the process of raising your child to prevent it.   I think all I can do is love them and hope that they know they are loved - and maybe one day they will grow up and forget all about it......until they have children of their own.

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joy said...

yes, why are kids so mean? i guess because they haven't developed those social filters yet and just go for the jugular? you are an amazing mother and your children are proof! your 2 kids are among the sweetest i've ever met! have fun a the kodak!