Thursday, December 4, 2008

Your house

Today in BodyFlow I was talking through the relaxation and made a reference to you body being your house, your home.  A place where you have to live for a long time.  I know I have heard that before but today it kind of hit home - especially with Jennifer in the hospital.  We don't realize how important our home is until it is broken or hard to live in.    I really started thinking about what awful things I do to this house of mine.  How I furnish it with french fries and ice cream.  How that must look - and how much more beautiful it would be on the inside if there were flourishing green plants and vibrant fruit.  I also thought of the jumbled mess my head must be and how much more space could be in there for new things if I could just put some things away. Close them up in a drawer or neatly stack them in the attic, or better yet give them away.   I realized that those crazy thoughts that take up so much room and waste so much time also tend to be there right when I am eating those french fries and ice cream.   Hmmmm .... maybe it is time to clean house.


joy said...

ummm....i don't really like this post. i just ate some cookies with my coffee. and now i feel bad, plus, didn't you just tell me the other day to eat some joe-joe's?

TraceyM said...

Kristin! Amazing to see you writing a blog. I hope you don't mind - Sally sent me the link. You are an amazing writer. I want to apologize for not writing after we got back in touch a couple of months ago -- I have been slammed and when I speak to Sally (or email) I always feel guilty I haven't written you a long email as promised. But in lots of ways, I feel like I've caught up with you by reading your blog. You are beautiful, just like you always were. Promise I'll write soon and keep up the blog. Makes me happy to read it. And I hope Jennifer is okay - I'll be sending good thoughts to you both. Hope to speak with you soon! Love - Tracey