Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My fun day!

I had a fantabulous day today and it was all just for me.  I stopped by Starbucks and had my favorite drink - a chai latte. Then I headed over to the Bladerunner to see Todd for  2 hours of pampering with a haircut and color.  I look forward to this appointment weeks in advance.  I feel very spoiled there and especially by my very good friend.  I get him all to myself for 2 whole hours.  I am sure every client of his feels this way and after a full day of being a therapist he must be exhausted.  I always feel fantastic afterwards and wish I could do my hair as well as he does it.  After that Stephen joined us for lunch at Giuseppe's where the food was good and the conversation stimulating.  I rounded the day off with a nice combination in Body Flow with Stephen and returned home where Suzanne was watching my kids while I taught and had a nice glass of wine and dinner waiting for me.   A really, really, really, really nice day (sorry John for over-reallying;).  The only thing missing was my husband who is traveling out of town for a couple of days - bummer.  Thank you Todd, Stephen and Suzanne for making my day so great while John was away!


joy said...

wow! you definitely deserve a day of pampering. i'm looking forward to lunch tomorrow.

trulyjulie said...

awww!! i miss you guys! and I'm getting fat, too! i miss that body jammin!