Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The family peace keeper

This is our dog Ben.  This dog is a pure pacifist - he would not hurt a flea (he might catch it and roll it around in his mouth for awhile but then he would spit it out and let it go).  We all love him very much but John especially loves him.  I don't know what life would be like without him in our home.  Sometimes I know John will have had a very difficult day and the only person (or dog ) who seems to understand is Ben.  Ben is always there for him (unlike me who is only sometimes there for him and sometimes at the gym and sometimes dealing with the kids etc....).   Whenever John and I get in a heated discussion Ben leaves the room (he gets scared when we raise our voices)  this usually clues us in that we need to calm down a bit.  So Ben is our silent peace keeper - he knows exactly how to communicate and knows exactly where he is needed.   Another gift dropped on our doorstep from God.  Thanks God!

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joy said...

ah, ben, how we love you! my fav ben story is when he got sick from eating snotty kleenexes. classic ben. that's really cute that he leaves the room when you start arguing.