Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My fatal flaw

I am not sure if it is just a part of getting older or something else but I have a HUGE lack of patience when it comes to certain things.   Enough so that I may just spontaneously explode one of these days.  Most of the time it happens on the way to the grocery store, trying to park at the grocery store, navigate through the grocery store or checking out of the grocery store.  You see, I really don't like spending time at the grocery store - I would much rather be enjoying myself in the company of others or spending my time in a much more satisfying way.   Am I wrong to assume that most other people feel the same?  I don't know why but people seem to get confused while driving into the parking lot.  Things take on a much slower pace and somehow they forget how to drive.  As a matter of fact they also forget how to park.   How many times do you really have to realign the car to get into the spot straight?  Or what about the person who is leaving the store and gets in their car - they see you waiting there for their spot - and they proceed to take 20 minutes to actually leave the parking spot.  Now once you are in the store and know exactly where you need to go and what you need to get you run into this obstacle course of carts sitting this way and that way just to block your path.  Do anyone of these cart owners see you coming?  OF COURSE THEY DO!  Do they move their carts? NO.  Finally make it to the check out counter and are happy there is only one person in front of you but the whole time they are checking out their cart full of groceries they just sit there and wait, and wait, and wait.   What are they waiting for?  The total of course because for some reason they don't anticipate that they have to pay for the groceries.  Once they hear the total THEN they open their purse, try and find their checkbook, slowly (and in very good handwriting I might add) fill out the check,  THEN they find the right page of the register and record the check and all of this before they hand the check to the cashier.  They simply are not aware of the now 16 person deep line that has formed behind them.  Do you see why I might just explode one of these days.
 I guess I just move at a faster pace than other people  - why can't everyone be like me?  Is that the attitude of a 40 year old?  I guess I am on my way.....


joy said...

ha ha! i don't know why people haven't figured out that they're supposed to use the time waiting in line to fill out their checks. who uses checks anymore anyway? if i get behind elderly people though, i do try and be patient. and then there was that one time that i was in the express lane with far more than 15 items. oops!

Glenn said...

about the parking lots....I am bugged by the PEDESTRIANS who think that they are walking in a PARK and do not realize that there are CARS that may hit them if they don't WALK FASTER and get out of the WAY!!!!

(this is Julie, not glenn!)