Monday, November 10, 2008


You will have to wait for photos until we get back. We are having a complete blast! We love Mexico. It is so beautiful here! Clean and pristine and the people are amazingly nice. Our hotel is completely fine and the pools are great. The food has been more than satifactory. We had a great time this morning stuffing ourselves silly and enjoying one of the 5 pools - we then went for a beautiful walk on the beach and put our feet in the water. The only bummer so far is that I was stung pretty bad by a jelly fish (OUCH!!!!!!!!!) and Julia wanted to pick up a cocroach and it ran into her shirt and freaked her out. We have seen moths the size of dollar bills and unique birds and crabs.

So far so good - we love Mexico. More tomorrow!

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joy said...

kristin--jelly fish stings and cockroaches in the shirt? sounds like so much fun! seriously, i'm glad you're stuffing yourselves with good food and relaxing. can't wait to see the pics. did you get my email about the shack?