Friday, November 21, 2008


I was thinking today about all of our numbers.  You know the ones that try to define who you are. The number of years you have been alive, the number of pounds you weigh, the number of inches you take up.  How about your cholesterol numbers or your blood pressure.  Your phone number, your street number, your zip code your income.  They seem to want to contain you and put you into this little box and categorize you.  "Yes you mam, the really tall, average weight, middle class, middle aged mother of 2".  Makes you feel pretty small.  But then I started to think about the numbers that make you bigger.  The nine months I was able to spend with my children inside of me.  The 14 years of marital bliss (yes honey, bliss).  The 23 years I spent learning who my Mother was.  The 60 minutes I spent this morning improving my health and others.  The number of true friends I have.  The number of amazing family members I have.  The number of minutes left in the day to do something incredible.  The endless number of days I will spend in heaven with everyone I love.   

Numbers.....something to ponder. 

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joy said...

wow, girl--that's deep and beautifully expressed. you should write a poem. seriously.