Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trip of a lifetime

Today was amazing!!!! We woke to our usual amazing breakfast and then John and Jack went on a bike tour while Julia and I went hunting for shells on the beach. The boys then went to one of the local surf shops and rented boards and went surfing - John is very happy. The best part of the day though would have to be when we went to the beach and released baby sea turtles into the ocean. They were born today and only 10 0r 12 people were able to hold them and release them and watch them race to the surf. Truely awe inspiring. The kids could not believe it. Then we enjoyed a mexican we have to come home???


joy said...

yes, you have to come home!!! that is so awesome that you got to release sea turtles. you look amazing! glad you're all having so much fun.

Glenn said...

Who are those people?

- Julie

Julie said...

Fun Fun Fun!