Monday, November 3, 2008

I love my mac too much

I always wanted a smaller nose ;)

I wonder when I am going to see my kids again.  I am having way too much fun on this thing.  This morning Jack gave me a kiss goodbye and said "I bet when I get home you will be sitting here on your computer still in your robe....".  I guess I better go get dressed because it is 11am and I am STILL in my robe.  I did pay bills online and confirmed all of our travel plans though.  2 days until Julia's 8Th birthday and 5 days until Mexico.  Woo Hoo!

Now.....go take on the day!

1 comment:

joy said...

gee, kris, that's such a great picture! yay that your mac came today! do you love it? i bet you wanna marry it, huh?