Monday, April 13, 2009


Today is my beautiful sister Emily's birthday.  She is the forth born (I am the first) and although quite a few years come between us we are very, very close.  She is a hero in so many ways.  She became a single mother at a very young age and although she has had more than her fair share of hardships she has managed to make a wonderful life for herself and her daughter.  She is an amazing mother and her daughter is turning into a very beautiful young lady - inside and out.  I can not even begin to imagine how life would be as a parent without another parent to bat around decisions with.  Everything she does is by her own choices and she has proven over and over again what an amazing person she truly is.  She has had to grow up much sooner than the rest of us and her values and morals are spot on.  She instills these in her daughter and it really shows.  She has abundant love for others and is extremely nurturing.  She showers other peoples children with love for a living - a career not for the faint of heart - and those children love her back in return.  She is the glue that keeps our family together.  She is the communicator and the designated "neat" one.  When she comes to visit I never want her to leave - in fact last year I tried to make her move out here just so I could be closer to her.  I love you Emily.  You are an amazing sister, mother and daughter.  I know Mom would be so extremely proud of you just as we are all so proud of you.  I hope you realize your talents and gifts and the abundant love we all have for you.  You have blessed my life in ways no one else ever could.  Happy Birthday Emily!

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joy said...

Happy Birthday, Emily!