Saturday, June 6, 2009

The meeting

Today we brought Bugsy into the house to hop around in Jack's room.  We thought it would be fun to see what he would do.   He was very curious and had a lot of fun sniffing all of Jack's things and checking the place out.  We then decided to let our two pets meet each other.  With me holding the rabbit and John with a firm grip on Ben's collar we let them smell each other.   Both were curious but the bunny's heart started racing about double the speed it normally does.  Ben was rather funny.  It was almost like he was saying "so this is what you have been making a big deal about?".  He was pretty matter of fact and just wanted John to go and play with him.   I am sure things would be different if they met without human supervision but the fact that Ben decided to NOT put the rabbits whole head in his mouth says something.

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joy said...

Ben is such a good dog!