Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yes man.

John and I watched this moving the other day and it has had me thinking.  Isn't it funny how most of the time when we really should be saying yes our immediate response is to say no?  It is for me anyway, when that homeless person on the corner is looking at me I immediately want to look away and when my kids ask me to take them to the park my response (without even thinking I might add) most of time is "maybe a little later".   How about those moments when you know you should say no and everything in you wants to say yes.  Like skirting your responsibilities to go to lunch or buying another tshirt because it is on sale (even though you don't need it).  What is that?Why is it so hard to be good?  Shouldn't that be the easy part?  Then you bring faith into the mix and that should make it easier but it doesn't - it makes it harder.  Now you really know when you are doing the wrong thing - you get consumed with guilt and remorse - but somehow we do it anyway.   I guess this is the human condition - it fascinates me.  I am glad God has patience beyond my comprehension because if I were in charge I think I would have given up a long time ago.

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