Friday, June 26, 2009

White trash night.

Some of my friends and I were talking one day about our "white trash" recipes.  You know, the ones you make because they taste oh so good but are not good for you, the ones you make from cans that require very little work.  So, we decided to have a white trash party.  It was super fun.  I made pizza on Boboli bread with BBQ beef, canned corn and cheese on top.  Another friend made "bubble pizza" with Pillsbury biscuits, sauce, cheese and pepperoni.  A third friend made hot dogs with cheese surrounded by crescent rolls.  You can see my centerpiece made with Budweiser beer, spam, Velveeta, Twinkies, and ding dongs.   My sister sent me the perfect card to complement our party too.  We watched a movie outside and several kids slept in tents.  We are all suffering from a white trash hangover.  Too many preservatives and fillers for one night but so much fun!


Crash said...

I'm annoyed because your blog updates don't seem to show up consistently on my computer so I keep on missing them! Yeah, last night was fun. You forgot to mention your dessert! Pillsbury hangover--a good 5 mile run cured that.

Suzanne said...

My puffy face and bloated stomach are the signs of a great white trash night! Sadly I woke up wanting more white bread! HA Thanks for sharing the pics!