Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So today I went to the dentist.  He needed to re-do one cavity and I had another one he needed to fill (Don't you stop getting cavities at some point?).  This guy (a new dentist) numbed me up so completely that it is now 8:00 pm and I still can't feel my cheek......... my appointment was at 9:30 this morning.  I think the numbing is worse than the drilling.  Next time I think I will fore go the numbing.  I could not speak because my tongue was so completely fat and numb and I bit my cheek so bad while I was in the office I was bleeding like a stuck pig.  I was unable to eat all day and looked like a stroke victim with half of my face falling off of my skull.   I don't think this is normal - especially for a cavity.  Maybe a root canal or something like that but please!  I couldn't even answer the phone today. John of course thought it was so incredibly funny - and kept asking me to smile and talk.   Every once in awhile his evil side shows.


Sally said...

You chicken - you should have posted a picture of yourself instead of that shot. I want to giggle at your silly face too. :-) Hope you're feeling better though... we need to talk soon!!! Love ya!

joy said...

Nice picture of the syringe. That just looks evil. So sorry. I hate the numbing too. Great pics from Ohio and a very sweet post about your brother.