Sunday, July 12, 2009


After we decided that we could have flown to Europe in the amount of time we spent traveling to Ohio (16 hours) we are happy to be here. The weather is wonderful - a bit hot - the way I like it - but not humid at all. The sun is shining and Columbus is a beautiful mid-western town with wonderful buildings. We are staying with John's cousin, Andy's, family and they live in a wonderful home set back away from the street with big trees and large front lawns. They have 3 beautiful children - Drew is 10, Sydney is 7 and Katie is 4 (going on 15). Julia and Sydney are getting along great and Jack is having fun being cool with Drew. So far so good! Pics later but just thought you would all like to know that we made it.


Suzanne said...

YAY! And miss you and sounds like you are having a great time!

Crash said...

Glad you're there and having a good time in the heat and humidity!