Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ugly pie

This is not my pie.  I actually didn't take a picture of my pie - it was that bad.  A friend of mine loves cherry pie and I made him one and one for his family today.  I went against my better judgement and used a new recipe - one that was suppose to be a contest winner.  I usually use the same recipe for crust that I got from Adele that everyone loves but for some reason  I was into trying something new.  The first pie I made exactly as the recipe required and I used butter.  The crust dough was sticky and extremely hard to work with which made for an ugly pie and who knows how it tasted.  The second pie I decided to use Crisco (which is what I normally use) and it was even worse!  This pie tops the ugliest pie contest.  It wouldn't even brown and the berries came through the top and made a complete mess.  I was so embarrassed to deliver the pies but told them I would make another one using my own recipe.  I told his kids to eat the Crisco one scooped on top of ice cream.  The filling seemed to be OK.  I will have to find out today if they actually ate the pie.  Maybe I am just out of practice.  I haven't made a pie in months.  I guess I better redeem myself soon!

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