Friday, July 10, 2009

Goodbye Myrah :(

We are all so sad that Myrah is leaving us tomorrow. A whole month went by way too fast. Everyone got along so well and Myrah was such a pleasure to have.  Maybe next year her mom can come too.  I know we will want to have her even longer next year and I am pretty sure she has become very attached to California (and maybe us too;)).   Myrah, thank you for blessing these last few weeks with your kindness and love.  We all love you so much and will miss you when you are gone.

BTW we are leaving very early tomorrow to go to Ohio for a week.  John's family is having a reunion and we are all meeting at a lake.  Should be a complete blast but I am not sure how often I will be able to blog.  I will catch up when I can! 


joy said...

we're sad myrah is leaving too.

Suzanne said...

Myrah, we are going to miss you so much!! It was so great having you here!!