Monday, July 27, 2009


Today my Dad turns 64 but the years hardly matter really.   This man has lived so many different lives and faced so many different circumstances that he should be at least 150.  I sometimes can't believe he still has his wits about him after raising 8 children (and not easy children at that).  If I started to write about his life I wouldn't be able to stop for some time so I will leave it at this.

Papa, you are a man of strength and courage - the trials you have overcome and waded through have been enormous and still you faced them.  You are a man of patience and talent - your accomplishments are many and your skill and ability outnumber that of so many others.  You are a man of morals and values - I know you still are flabbergasted that others do not live by the same ethics that you find only natural and obvious.  Most of all I think you are a man of love.  I know you love deeply the people you hold close to your heart.  This I think is your greatest attribute - to love - unconditionally.  You have shown me patience and love even when I was at my darkest and unable to reciprocate.   You have encouraged me even though you were in trying times yourself.  You have given this gift to me and I try everyday to live up to that example.  You have shown me anything is possible in this life.  Happy Birthday Papa.  I know this one isn't the best of birthdays and I wish I could be with you to smother you with love and gifts and good food and cake but the best part of this day is that you were born to be my father.  It is I who gets the gift on your birthday.  I get to thank God for you today - and every day.  I love you with all of my heart.... unconditionally.


Crash said...

What a beautiful birthday wish for an amazing man! You are a lot like your dad, Kristen. Love you.

Crash said...

This is JOy.