Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh dear.....

I just re-read my goals for the year.

Participate in the Breast Cancer walk (haven't done this - Maybe in November when it comes around again)
Volunteer at Peoples Kitchen - (nope - haven't done this either)
Backpack with the family in Yosemite - didn't make it but DID spend a fantastic week in Ohio - I think that counts.
Learn how to surf - I am waiting for the water to get warm?
Ride in a hot air balloon (I have always wanted to do this) - What about learning zumba - kind of the same?
Learn how to cook a gourmet meal - I have decided that every meal I actually cook is gourmet - served with napkins and a glass of wine...definitely! 
Change the oil in my car.....(Andy help!) - jiffy lube?
Manage people (school, church, work function - this scares me to death!) - I have come to realize I do this on a daily basis.  In my job, in my home, with my friends.  

It is September,  I only have a month to get it together......  Note to self - try not to procrastinate.

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