Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Taste of San Luis

I helped my friend Stephen decorate for this great event today and as a reward I was lucky enough to attend.  This is a fundraiser for the city for their beautification projects.  15 wineries and 15 restaurants prepare delicious food and tastings for you to enjoy as you mingle.  This years theme was disco.  The tables were all bright and the centerpieces ( you can't see because it is still light outside) were vases with led and light up things inside.  Very colorful.  The food booths were decorated with blingy fabric and disco balls and there was even a dance floor with a DJ.  Stephen had a lounge area set up at the front with girls on podiums dancing.  The night was fun and a huge success.  I, of course, danced as much as I could and now can not feel several of my toes.  Well worth it.  Tons of fun.

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