Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Um.....where have I been?

Apparently this Zumba thing is very popular all over the country and most people have heard about it. Today I taught my first class and was amazed to see around 40 people staring back at me at 11:30 on a Tuesday. I guess they were looking for something new to do. I have to admit that after hour and hours and hours (literally I did not do anything else for 3 days) of practice and preparation I had a complete blast teaching this class. The energy from the members was infectious and it truly was like you were at a party or a really fun wedding and everyone was on the dance floor doing their thang. If you haven't tried it I recommend it. You burn a ton of calories and you don't even know you are doing it. I think on Zumba days I am going to have french fries as a reward ;)

By the way, this is obviously not my club but it is a good depiction of what I was looking at from the stage.

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joy said...

Glad it was such a success! Good seeing you tonight.