Thursday, September 3, 2009

Time off

This week I switched classes with someone and so I just happened to have the day off today.  I had a fun time walking around San Luis by myself and I met some friends for lunch.  I feel extremely blessed to have this time.  I am thankful to God and to John for providing for our family so well.  He works very, very hard.  Sometimes late at night.  He shoulders all of the responsibility for our financial situation and I know it must be very stressful.  Because of him and his amazing determination and talent our family enjoys the luxury of living in this beautiful area with a few little extras along the way too.  Thank you John for being that man that you are.  Thank you for allowing me today and time to enjoy friends.  Thank you for being the best father our children could ask for.  Thank you for being such an awesome husband.  I love you!

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