Thursday, September 17, 2009


So the other day when I was about to teach my first Zumba class I was FREAKING OUT. My heart was racing and I certainly did not give myself enough time to prepare. I was not feeling confident and there was no choice - I had to go teach what I knew. I had been feeling stressed starting with the training when I realized how hard it was going to be to pull it together so quickly. I got in the car and was driving to the gym when I had one of those V8 moments. Why did it occur to me only on my 5 minute drive to the club that I should ask God for help. He was sitting right there waiting for my invitation the whole time and it took a bit of hyperventilating for me to actually see him. I immediately felt a peace come over me and knew everything would be fine. Now granted you are all thinking I am insane because this was certainly not any life or death situation - it is a fitness class for goodness sake - but for me it was a defining moment in my silly little career. It was a challenge that I wanted to overcome and I did not want to feel defeated. It was a good thing I came to God in the last possible moment because when I walked in the fitness room expecting to see 10 or 12 people I looked out at 40. Fortunately I was riding on God's shoulders and felt his presence so much that the crowd looked small from where I was. Why, when I completely know better, is God sometimes the last one I turn to? I imagine this faith journey will end when He is all I can see and everything else will just fade away.

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joy said...

so true, so true.