Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today is Sally's birthday - my Dad's wife.   I am happy the two of them have found some steadiness in their lives now.  They seem to enjoy living in Des Moines (at least in the spring, summer and fall).  They find pleasure in their day to day lives with their dogs and nice home.  Sally is a very good cook and seamstress.  She has a knack for choosing just the right fabrics to go together.  She has an eye for good artwork and an appreciation for fine workmanship.  She also is a very good writer.  She has a pretty straight forward look at life which I can relate to.   I actually knew Sally before my Dad did.  I watched her house for a short time while she was away on vacation.  Because of this I have always had an easy time talking to her and our friendship came naturally.  I am glad the two of them have found comfort and security in each other.  I am happy she has been there for him while he has been going through such a trying time.  Thank you Sally for taking care of my Father.   I hope the next few years will be calm and peaceful.  I hope you both have a chance to enjoy the goodness that life offers you.  I wish you health and happiness and a very blessed birthday.

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