Thursday, February 11, 2010


I will be writing a lot about all of my angels - and I have many. Today I am writing about a big one. Her name is Liz and from the first moment I spoke to her on the phone I immediately felt comfort and complete confidence in her. She is my nurse navigator. She calls to check on me and has given me her cell number in case I need things after hours. Mostly she listens to every silly question I have and answers every one with care and detail - like she has nothing else in the world to be doing. I absolutely love this woman. She is the reason I chose my set of docs - they were all recommendations from her. I would hope anyone going through something like this would have a nurse navigator - it makes all of the difference in the world! Liz, the sound of your voice on the phone brings me comfort and I always look forward to talking to you and seeing you. You are an angel - put here for me (and all of those other people ) - you have an amazing gift and you are using it exactly as you should. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Today was chemo #2! Yay! Of course nothing seems to be routine for me in this. I am a special case through and through. The good news is that the doc could not feel any of the tumors and has ordered an ultrasound to take a look. He said that means the cancer is VERY responsive to the chemo! Woo Hoo! I also had an allergic reaction to one of the drugs I am getting. It was a bit scary for a minute and came on very quickly - super hot in the face and chest and tightening in the chest and throat. They turned it off and gave me some benadryl and then gave me the drug again and I was fine. From now on I will just get the benadryl before and it shouldn't be a problem. All in all I feel pretty good for being so drugged up.


joy said...

so fun to see your nurse, Liz. And how is it possible that you look SO good? seriously? i missed talking to you today. love you.

Sally said...

I'm so excited about your great news. Can't wait for that ultrasound!!!

Liz is younger than I thought she'd be. She's an angel for sure - what a blessing. That's a great picture!!!

Talk to you soon, my sweet.

Ponto said...

Just passed by, you were my 'next blog' today... and what an amazing attitude towards life.
All the best,