Monday, February 1, 2010


I don't think we were put on this earth to sit around and eat bon bons all day. I think we were put here to learn and to grow - prepare us for what comes after this. Remember those first grade spelling tests? They seemed so hard at the time. Then in third grade we looked back at first and said "that was SOOOO easy" (insert 3rd grade voice). Our lives seem to be a series of tests. Some might come easily - you don't even realize they are a test - and then there are those like the ones on college prep tests. You know the ones with multiple choice and all of the answers seem to be the right one. Sometimes our immediate first choice is the right answer but sometimes it requires more thought, more evaluation before the answer becomes clear.

My faith was tested yesterday.... the circumstances don't really matter but the fact that it was tested at all scared me. My faith has been rock solid for as long as I can remember and this had me up last night wondering, and wondering. I did find an answer today after a LOT of thought and my stars are starting to align again. I think I am playing with the big boys now. Recess is over and it is time to head into that AP class. It is time to get serious. I don't think that yesterday was a one time occurrence. In fact multiple hairs are falling like rain from my head as I write this so a big test is right around the corner. It is not comfortable, it is not easy, but I am ready. I will take a deep breath and focus on the growth.


joy said...

oh, kristin, you are so strong and beautiful--but what is even more moving is seeing your faith tested and still in tact. you are an inspiration and encouragement to so many.

trulyjulie said...

I like your faith. You are inspiring. I also like bon bons. I could eat them all day. But, you are right, we were not meant to sit around and eat them all day. He wants to take us out of our comfort zone and grow us up. I guess that means no more bon bons.....?
Love you and still praying!