Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Little things....

- Waking up for the first time in weeks when the sun is up and realizing you just slept 9 hours straight (and didn't wake up at 2am ).

- A sleepy dog in your bed.

- The feeling of lotion on your clean face in the morning.

- The sweet sound of your children's voices.

- Your husband making the best banana pancakes in the world for breakfast.

Today is a good day. Thank you God. Happy Sunday everyone!


Crash said...

banana pancakes? i'm inspired. think i'll write a song.

Crash said...

amen. this is joy, btw.

PRODIGY said...

come to my blog

Shara Korn Feldman said...

Hi! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog, even though it terrifies me, too. It is so great to find someone going through similar challenges and discovering a similar new world in every shade. The doctors and nurses have been looking at me strangely, too! I read back to when you were where I am. That felt good. I'm so sorry to read about that awful woman in the store. Thanks for all of your comments, and your blogging/cancer/mom company!