Friday, January 29, 2010

The Ride

Have you ever been on one of those amusement park rides that are like elevators that bring you up several stories and then drop you? If you are only a few years older than me you may have not. I only experienced this once - it was enough - but let me describe it for you.

You wait in line with all of this anticipation thinking "I can do this" and yet part of you is a little scared. Your brain tries to logistically talk you out of that fear "what could possibly happen - this is perfectly safe" but your tummy bubbles with adrenaline. You finally reach the front of the line "Woo Hoo!" and they strap you into the safety harness. Your feet dangle and swing waiting for the ride up. You begin to move upward, slowly. As you move up your perspective changes - you see things from a different view. Everything is beautiful and perfect from up here. You almost forget what is coming because you can't believe you are up so high and it feels like flying - you made it. Just when you are feeling on top of the world you stop. And hang there. And wait. All you hear is silence.

Then without warning you drop. As fast as you could ever imagine. Like the earth was just pulled out from underneath you. You fall. Out of control. Your heart racing. You don't breathe. It lasts longer than you think it should.

And then you are still. Your heart still pounding. A bit shaky. You are thankful for the safely straps but happy when they release you. You appreciate the firm ground when you stand up. You are surprised that your body and mind could endure something that crazy and still survive. You did it. Now things on the ground look different. You are different. You grab the hands of the people you are with who did it with you and you run off to get a funnel cake.

My life as an amusement park ride.


joy said...

so, when do we get funnel cake? that's a really good analogy. thanks for letting me come on the ride with you!

D said...

does this also mean that you often feel like your knees are jello and you need to pee?! cuz that's the feeling i get on those rides...which, btw, is one of eric's FAV rides so i've been on them enough to make me want to puke! ;D
you are doing GREAT and i hope i can be there for you if you need anything! especially another partner in crime to eat funnel cake with!!! :)

* Dots * said...

I've only rode The Drop once and it wasn't as tall as some of them out there. I completely freaked out but the two people beside me 'coached' me through it because they had already ridden it like ten times before me. AND they were only like twelve years old. You didn't mention the anticipation/anxiety you feel as you wait for what seems like hours for the ride to begin. It was horrible but afterwards you're a changed person.

João Marcelino said...

Great blog and pretty photos. Congratulations. Blog also visits mine.

Minstrel Incognito said...

I love your analogy...It's so true in so many situations in life as well..Thanks for sharing this wonderful thought!God bless!