Saturday, January 23, 2010

Still good

Feeling pretty good today but definitely have the feeling that drugs are pumping through my body. Going to try and go for a walk with the family since the sun is shining for the first time in days.

Julia wrote a new poem I wanted to share;

Snow Is Magic

If you look outside your window,
You might see something fun.
Sparkling in the tree tops,
From the pretty sun.
Soft, fluffy, and frozen.
Cold on your hand.
Not grass or leaves,
It's snow on the sand.
You dance all around,
To see the pretty sight.
As you try to walk,
The wind tries to fight.
As you come back to get warm,
Toasting by the fire.
You wont forget that time,
You saw snow in that hour.


Crash said...

That's a beautiful poem, Julia.

Sally said...

Hmmm... sounds like not just a singer, but a singer/songwriter! Great poem!!!

joy said...

This is joy--julia, that is so beautiful! you are such a talented young lady--i can't wait to see how you will use your God given gifts!

D said...

julia...WOW! what a beautiful, beautiful poem! girl definitely has some writing talent! i love to read/hear such wonderful things coming from a young lady when these days most kids are just stuck to the tv or video games. GO julia!!! :)
btw, kristin, hope you don't mind me (darlene) invading your blog! joy gave me the site to keep up with you since i don't have the pleasure of seeing you as often as she does! hope you don't mind!