Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wig Shopping

Today my amazing friend and talented hair stylist Todd took precious time out of his day to come with Suzanne and I to look for a wig. Very strange trying on these wigs (I have never even had one on my head before). I was thinking I wanted a human hair one but it was kind of creepy for some reason. I am sure I would get used to it. Thank goodness Todd was with me because I wouldn't have known where to even begin. He picked one very close to my own hair. We had to order it and it should be in in a few days. I went with an inexpensive one to start just to see how I like wearing it ( I had a coupon for a free wig from the cancer center). Maybe I will get another one if it is going to be a daily thing. I will put pics up with the final one when I get it but these are just teasers. Doesn't Suzanne look fantastic!


joy said...

nice ham arm, suz.

slochef said...

Suzanne also makes a great brunette - especially when dressed as Wonder Woman.
Todd will take good care of you and your new locks of love.
Glad you are having some good times and staying positive Kristin. Hugs - Stephanie