Sunday, January 10, 2010


Several bittersweet days in the past week. On new years day our good friend Janell's father passed away. He lived right next door to Janell and we all knew him well. He was always good for a laugh and loved to play poker with the boys. We will miss him very much. That same day Janell's oldest son married the love of his life in Texas. We were not able to attend the wedding but heard it was just beautiful. God works in mysterious ways.

Yesterday was Janell's fathers memorial and it was also my good friend Julie's birthday. The memorial was beautiful and Julia sang one of our favorite songs during it. We went back to Janell's house for some excellent Italian food and spent time getting to know the rest of her family that was in town and reminiscing the good times with Janell's father. Fortunately we were able to celebrate Julie's birthday the night before and had a wonderful time catching up with her and her family (they moved down to the LA area awhile ago). Julie has always made me laugh with her dry wit and unexpected commentary. She used to come to my classes when she lived up here and she put up with all kinds of heckling from me while I was teaching. I love her and miss having her in my life on a regular basis.

I can appreciate the dichotomy of these events happening at the same time. Some times we can't enjoy the sweet unless we taste the bitter with it. I guess that is why I love dark chocolate so much.

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trulyjulie said...

Thanks Kristin..I am glad I make you laugh...not sure if the "unexpected commentary" is good or bad, but I'll take it!

You are the first person in my prayers in the days and weeks ahead. He will carry you through on His wings of love.

Love you and thanks so much for making my birthday special.... even through the sadness. You are always so thoughtful...I love that about you..putting others needs above your own.

Take care, friend...we'll be in touch