Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feelin Groovy

For some strange reason I woke up with this Simon and Garfunkel song in my head. That is how I feel though! I slept 13 hours last night and feel good this morning. Does anyone know how to link an itunes song onto my blog? I have a post I want to write but a song needs to go with it. Have a great Sunday everyone!


Sally said...

That's awesome! I don't know how to link a song since I know nothing about blogging, but I'm anxious to read/hear it. :-)


Ryan said...

You can use an HTML link tag in your blog post to link to the song, but the song has to be somewhere online.

Youtube might have it:
Bridge over troubled water

Here is a short tutorial on how to use a link tag.

Ryan said...

also: The 59th Street Bridge Song

Kristin said...

Thanks Ryan! I miss you!