Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reset button

I was reflecting on things today. I realized that pre-diagnosis I thought I had everything figured out. All the pieces fit so nicely together. Maybe not so much. Perhaps this is a little reset button - to change my views on things - start from scratch again and work my way up. I can already see that I will be a different person on the other side of this. My hope is that all of the good parts of me will still be intact at the end with the addition of better parts. I hope I can maintain my happy-go-lucky attitude throughout or at least when this is over. I hope my kids will come to understand that there are struggles in life but you can always get through them. I hope they learn how to be strong and persevere . I hope they learn to rely on God - especially when things seem too big. I wish with all my heart that they didn't have to see me go through this, I wish their lives right now could just be worry free - but the fact is they do have to see me go through this. I learned strength and grace watching my own mother - I hope I can do the same for my own children.

More later......

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Dawn said...

Hi...I just stumbled across your blog. And i already think you are an amazing person. it's funny how things come to us in life that make us "reset" huh?
Wish I could reach out and hug you...and your kids.
You already have made me look at life a wee bit differently...
Thank u