Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grateful Sunday

Sundays. Usually reserved for God. I am thankful to God every single day and I am so thankful that He has placed so many caring hands all around us. All of you have blown us away with your cards, messages, notes, comments, emails, phone calls etc. You are all our angels. I wish I could name all of you but I am going to dedicate Sundays to highlighting a few special and perhaps unexpected angels.

Today I am sending a big thank you to one particular person. I get so much support going through this but I think in many ways it is much harder on John. I can not even imagine how I would be dealing with this if the tables were turned. The "what ifs" would drive me crazy. John's father passed away 21 years ago but I know he still keeps him close to his heart. John's father had one brother - Uncle Hugo. We rarely see him - in fact I believe I have only met him once. He and his wife live in Ohio and our paths don't get much of a chance to cross - but he is family and we always know he is there. He called John the other day and afterwards John came in the house and told me "some people just 'get' it". He went on to tell me that Uncle Hugo had said all the right things. John felt supported and loved and renewed. He was able to tap into that much needed side of his life - the one that includes his Dad. Thank you Uncle Hugo. That little phone call made a big difference in our world.

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joy said...

praise the Lord for Uncle Hugo.