Friday, February 26, 2010


After successfully putting off chores as long as I could today (bath while reading a very fluffy book and watching recorded figure skating from last night) I decided to tackle my 9 year old daughters room. This is NOTHING new. Usually I have to really gear up for it and it takes a very long time - even if I had cleaned it only a week ago. This time was pretty bad - it has been awhile since I really deep cleaned her room. The first few minutes started out with the "are you kidding me?" phrase actually leaving my mouth out loud. After awhile though my perspective started to change. This was an amazingly clear window into my daughters soul. I started to cherish each little find - a miniature pine cone, recycled Gatorade bottles filled with colored liquid and shells, homemade musical instruments, pieces and parts from multiple games and Lego sets that made up a pretend world. This was my daughter - reaching into her creative outlet and imagination to entertain herself. I started to regret all of those times when I just walked in there with a trash bag and started stuffing things into it. You see we have a son and a daughter. I always think my son is a bit more like me and our daughter is so much like her father. Sometimes I have trouble relating to her. I really started to appreciate what an extraordinary person she is - and of course a bit more like me than I thought ( wink wink).

Here I am sitting around with nothing to do whereas before I was rushing to get from place to place. Hurry, hurry, rush, rush. Wanting, needing, going...... where? All this time there was this amazing treasure - right underneath my nose - and I never even bothered to look.

Cancer - humph. Who would have thought this was exactly what I needed to give me the slap in the face "hey you! yeah you, this isn't some monopoly game where the more houses, hotels and property you have make you the winner. It is not a beauty contest where if you suck in your belly and smile your pearly whites and say all the right words you get a crown and a bouquet of flowers. This is your friggin' life - LOOK AROUND YOU! You already have everything you need".


joy said...

Julia is amazing! She always has the neatest stuff and she so generously shares with my kids. The other day she sent them off with some fun waxy string thing.We just love her.

joannanoel said...

it's amazing how trials heighten our awareness and cause us to think much more deeply..not just walking through life in a trance, but actually living, seeing, noticing, enjoying each and every moment. being content with what we have. thanks for sharing.....I am inspired by you.

have a great weekend, kristin!

Julie..Not Joanna!

Sally said...

You make a very good point. I think everyone I know who has gone down this road has come out with a sense of appreciation and wonder at life. It's pretty powerful stuff, and I am so grateful that you are taking me down that road too, so that I can slow down with you and truly appreciate the good stuff. I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to know you.

D said...

well, i was gone all weekend, and decided it was time for me to catch up with my "hiccup" updates! ;) and after reading this, i knew why i wanted to catch up...b/c i LOVE your positive attitude, and i love your insights! many a time i have gone into kylie's room set to purge as much as possible, and many a time i have literally said, "you MUSt be kidding me!!!!" but you are right, it IS a glimpse into our daughters, and yours is definitely a gem (as well as mine! hehehe...)! thanks again for sharing!