Saturday, February 20, 2010


Sometimes I think we fail to see the miracles hiding in our daily lives. There are things that just pass us by without notice of their significance. Little things that most certainly were orchestrated and in no way could be considered chance. I happen to see many of these things every single day lately. Running into someone who says the exact thing I need to hear that day. The letter that comes in the mail from someone I have been thinking about. The quick hug from one of my children. The sun coming out at just the right moment. Food tasting especially satisfying. The message in the lyrics of a song on the radio. I feel like I want to pick up these morsels and put them in my purse. Save them and remember them. I call them morsels because they are small but oh so satisfying. They also help me get through the day. They carry me on days when just getting through is challenging. These morsels are most certainly from God and the Angels that surround me - lifting me up above the water right as I begin to sink and panic that I wont be able to breathe.


joy said...

praise God for morsels.

D said...

AMEN, sistas! :)