Thursday, March 5, 2009

Missing persons report

White male. 5'10"  dark hair, blue eyes.  Rather handsome.  Last seen carrying a surfboard off into the sunset next to a dusty ol' camper van.  Goes by the name John - or more recently - Dude.  If found please clean him up and return him to his proper home.


Tracey said...

Ah... I know the feeling. Mine got up at 5:30 this morning and went hiking so I'm wondering if I will see him before noon. ? Hope your dad is doing well. My father is going in for a procedure today as well and I'm praying it helps him. Thinking of you - have a great weekend.

Kristin said...

I will pray for your dad too. I am going to go see mine in a couple of weeks. I am very excited. I have been thinking of you - hang in there.

joy said...

i haven't seen him--do we need to issue an amber alert?

Kim Safina said...

The Journey Continues ~

Laughing Out Loud!!!

With "Heaven bound" blessings,