Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Are you kidding me????

School starts a week from tomorrow.  The school supplies have been in the stores for over a month now.  We are now in a computer age where the Internet and websites can offer you information at a moments notice.  So, why is it that our public school system can't update their website or at the very least send out an email with our school supply list?  I will be writing a letter to this regard to let the higher ups know of my angst.  I mean come on, the $0.25 bins full of paper and folders are almost empty now.  I am going to have to hike all over town looking for the pee-Chee folders they require 24 hours before I send these kids off to school with a list I am sure I will receive in the MAIL using paper (which by the way the school ran out of last year around April - hhhmmmm ).  I know they have taken  many jobs away from very qualified teachers and have increased class sizes to accommodate lack of funds but surely there is some over qualified college student desperate for a job who could simply update electronic information and save hours of collating and stamping and envelope sealing.  Heck, let me do it - I would do it for free.